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Bird Control

Bird Control
Is your business or event being overrun by nuisance birds?
Are they causing loss of revenue or health hazards for your company and staff?
Royal Canadian Falconry uses falconry based bird abatement techniques combined with other methods to control and deter nuisance bird populations by manipulating nature's own instincts. Fight nature with nature. Sustainable and eco-friendly, falconry based bird abatement is your solution!

We provide services to clients such as dump sites or transfer stations, industrial or commercial buildings, rooftops, stadiums, orchards, concert venues, marinas, barns, and solar panels. Are you hosting an event and need to keep hungry birds away from your guests? Whether you need to deter the nuisance birds for just one day, or year after year, we are your most effective and humane solution!

Every March thousands of nuisance gulls begin their migratory return to their nesting grounds. These sea birds exist in great numbers and often we find ourselves being overrun by hundreds of nests. Each mating pair of gulls will lay anywhere from 3-5 eggs per clutch in April-June, and if their nest is disrupted they will re-clutch and lay again! This is how their numbers will grow so exponentially quickly. If left unmanaged, within a few short years those hundreds can easily turn into thousands of gulls diving at employees and patrons as they try to defend their nesting ground. This is a liability and a health hazard as nuisance birds can carry diseases or airborne pathogens; not to mention property damage from the highly acidic uric acid in their feces. Falconry based bird abatement is far more discrete than propane bangers or pyrotechnics which disrupt neighbours and that gulls are bound to become desensitized to. Gulls are federally protected and our goal is not to cull, but to disrupt their nesting patterns. With federally issued permits, we are able to use 99% humane methods to establish a 'territory' with our bird of prey. By using natures own instincts we are able to deter problem birds by using the real threat of an apex predator. We are an effective deterrent solution for just about any nuisance bird problem.

There are many factors that we consider when developing a plan to deal with your bird problem. After assessing your individual needs we can aggressively deter the nuisance birds using trained birds of prey.

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Client Resources
Here are some resources regarding the efficacy of falconry based bird abatement use in different settings.
It is clear to see that regardless of where the services are needed, falconry based bird abatement has consistently effective results.
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