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Harris' Hawks
(Parabuteo unicinctus)

At Royal Canadian Falconry we use a variety of captive bred, parent-reared Harris' hawks for all of our public interactions and displays.
Whether you call them Harris' hawks, buzzards, or Baywings; we call them magnificent.

Why Harris' hawks?

Harris' hawks are by nature the most social of all birds of prey. They are the only bird of prey recorded to live and hunt collectively as a family unit called a 'cast' for the duration of their lives. They live in this social unit typically comprised of anywhere from 4 to 10 birds. This unique trait has earned Harris' hawks the nickname, 'the wolves of the sky'. Because of their social nature they generally accept people with grace and are not easily upset by large crowds with appropriate desensitizaion techniques. This is what makes them GREAT for demonstrations!

About Harris' hawks

Harris' hawks are a non-indigenous species of bird of prey. This means that Harris' hawks do not naturally reside and breed in Ontario. In fact, Harris' hawks are desert dwelling birds that are native to southern USA, into northern Mexico. To learn more about Harris' hawks book a falconry experience so we can teach you all about them!

Our Birds

We use several birds of prey for our demonstrations Currently the two birds we have ready for interactive demonstrations are Aspen and Hera.

Aspen is a 2017 male Harris' hawk who is our ultimate 'been there done that' kindof guy. He has done static displays, falconry experiences, Medieval Faires, classroom visits, educational demonstrations at zoo's, conventions and has even begun training to do falconry on horseback! Did we mention he is GREAT with kids? He is very social and has tons of personality. He is always a crowd pleaser!

Hera is a 2018 female Harris' hawk who has just recently began her career as a demonstration bird. She is our BIG beauty, weighing in at a whopping 1100 grams (or just under 2.5 lbs!). She has a regal prowess about her and always amazes our guests with her beauty and majesty.

We have other birds on our team that are not used for demonstrations. They are a part of our Bird Control team, and they prefer not to be in the spot light.

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