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Experiences & Workshops

Experiences & Workshops
Falconry Experiences
Enjoy the beauty of nature in all its majesty with this informative and interactive falconry experience, handling live birds of prey. Learn about ecology and natural history while getting up close and personal with a raptor. This is a unique opportunity for guests to participate in an interactive educational demonstration. Perfect for the avid bird lover, outdoorsman, or adventurer. Participants will have the opportunity to call the bird of prey to land on your gloved fist and interact with the bird up close.
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Private Workshops
An afternoon with the birds. This workshops includes everything the falconry experience includes, and more. Join a licensed falconer for the morning to get a better understanding of the ins and outs of being a falconer. You'll gain an in depth look at avian biology, anatomy, husbandry, and health care. Learn the basics of falconry and concepts of hunting. Discuss the rules and regulations pertaining to falconry in Ontario with a strict focus in ethics and stewardship. Learn the daily routine of caring for birds of prey in the morning before taking the raptors out for a fly.
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