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Raptor Rehab

Raptor Rehabilitation

Royal Canadian Falconry was founded in 2018 by Amy MacAlpine, RVT and professional falconer. Our raptor rehab is the heart and soul of our company and is the very reason we do what we do! At Royal Canadian Falconry we are able to combine two very specific skill sets in order to provide wild raptors the greatest possible chance at survival after release.

Wild raptors face two very big challenges when they become sick or injured in the wild.
The first challenge for them is their ability to overcome illnesses or injuries. Avians are notorious for hiding signs of illness until the disease has overcome their body so greatly that recovery is unlikely. And with injuries if they are unable to fly to hunt for themselves they will starve to death. If they are fortunate enough to be rescued and brought into a certified wildlife rehabilitation facility, the experience can be very stressful for them and the extreme stress from handling can pose other secondary problems to their healing. This is where the role of the RVT comes into play. RVT's have specialized skills in order to nurse, restrain, feed and house wildlife that are healing. It takes very specialized knowledge as there is a lot of variance from one species to the next.

The second major challenge that the raptor must then face is assimilating back into the wild and resuming normal behaviours after their release. Just because a bird has been successfully nursed in captivity does not mean that it will have great success once it is returned back to the wild. Birds of prey will lose significant conditioning and muscle while they are in captivity. This is where the role of the falconer comes into play. The falconer can then train the bird of prey in order to fly it and increase its conditioning and stamina before release. The bird will then have a better chance at capturing prey and resuming a normal life in the wild.

Our avian rehab is in its early stages of development and will commence construction by Fall 2018.

Volunteer Opportunities and Donations
We are currently accepting donations towards the construction of our raptor rehabilitation mews. We do not currently have any volunteer opportunities available.
Donation Supplies Accepted
-Building Materials (wood, nails, shingles, etc)
-Feeder rats or Day old chicks
-Gator turf
-Zip ties
-Painter's Tape
-Electrical Tape
-Virkon or other disinfectant agents
-Vet Wrap, gauze and other bandaging materials
-Old sheds, coops or other structures that can be reconstructed
Found An Animal?
We are not yet open for operation, so for the mean time, The Toronto Wildlife Centre has an excellent resource for determining your next course of action; Link
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