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We are now accepting deposits for 2024 birds:
Male Harris' hawks - $800 (2024 orders full)
Female Harris' hawks - $1200 (2024 orders full)
Male Aplomado Falcons - $1800
Female Aplomado Falcons - $2200

To purchase one of our birds we require:
-Proof of license
-A non-refundable deposit of 10%

Deposits may be refunded in the event that we do not produce the bird you are looking for within 2 years. You will not be refunded if you change your mind or back out of the sale.

Any sale of our Aplomado falcons will include 3 free lureflying lessons. Since Aplomados are not on the approved list of species to use for falconry in Ontario, we want to ensure that they are flown and exercised properly.

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