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PROVIDED: Camp site, Fire pit, Fire wood, Thunder box (at campsite), Port-a-potty (at house), Bear Spray, Morning Coffee/Tea
NOT PROVIDED: Tent, Sleeping bags, Sleeping pads/Cots, Pillows, Bedding, Grill/Camp Stove, Tent Rental is Optional

Truly be a 'Falconer for a Day' and camp-out at Royal Canadian Falconry.

You'll get to experience the ins-and-outs of our day to day operations and get as 'behind the scenes' as you can get with 3 hours of guided experiences. We are making back-country accessible with private access to 100 acres of wilderness. This is true roughing it, NOT glamping.

Upon arrival, enjoy a 1hr falconry experience. This is a unique opportunity for guests to participate in an interactive educational demonstration. Participants will get a quick tour before gloving up to meet between 5-6 raptors up close. You will learn about each bird before taking one of the birds out to fly. You'll get to call the bird to your gloved fist for a truly personal experience.

After your falconry experience you will get escorted to your campsite by one of our hawks where you will be left to your own devices for the rest of the evening. You can choose to settle in for the night or explore the local attractions like the Haliburton Wolf Centre. Go for dinner at one of the local gems, or savour every moment of the outdoors and make your own dinner over the grill or campfire.

Go for a hike and enjoy private access to our 100 acres of field and forest. You might see wildlife ranging from porcupine, hare, deer, moose, and even bear. This is true Canadian wilderness.

When you are ready to retire to your site, enjoy a campfire under the milky way. If you're lucky, you'll get to hear the call of our resident Eurasian Eagle Owl at night. If you don't hear him, maybe you'll hear the not so distant 'Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoooo' (or 'Who cooks for you') of the local wild Barred Owls. Our guests have even been serenaded by the local wild wolf pack.

In the morning you can enjoy tea or coffee as you get a more in depth tour of our facility. Help weigh and prepare the birds for their daily flights and get a look at how we manage our birds' fitness. Watch us prep food (if you have a strong stomach) and assist with morning feedings before we enjoy a lureflying demonstration. This is when you will get to see the true athleticism of falcons as one of our birds passes, circles and stoops to the lure in spectacular style.

Once their flights are done, you'll help put the birds out in their weathering yards to enjoy a drink and a fresh bath after a job well done.


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