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Falconry Experiences & Workshops

Falconry Experiences & Workshops
One Hour Falconry Experiences
This is a unique opportunity for guests to participate in a hands-on and interactive educational demonstration. Participants will get to glove up to hold and meet 3 different raptor species up close as we bring them out one by one. Learn about biology and the natural history of each species before gloving up to take one of the birds out to fly. Watch them soar and call them to your gloved fist for a truly personal experience!

*Includes flying ONE bird

Two Hour Falconry Workshop
This workshop includes everything the falconry experience includes, and more! Meet 5 birds of prey and hold them as you meet them one by one. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn hands on with some of our essential equipment and see a lure flying demonstration. With our lure flying demo you will witness the true athleticism of these little fighter jets as one of our falcons passes, circles and stoops to the lure in spectacular style. End with gloving up to call one of these majestic creatures to your fist!

*Includes flying TWO birds

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Falconry Experience Gift Card
(1hr for 2 people)
Group Experience Gift Card
(1hr for 6-12 people)
Workshop Gift Certificate
(2hrs for 1 person)
Workshop Gift Certificate
(2hrs for 2 people)
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