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Falconry Based Bird Control

Falconry Based Bird Control
Commerically Licensed, Federally Sanctioned, & Fully Insured
We are proud to offer humane solutions for almost any avian problem. Our team of highly trained falconers have helped to mitigate the relationship between wildlife and industry for over a decade. With a team of trained raptors for every target pest species, we have the right 'tool' for any job.
Eco-friendly and effective.

Client Resources
We are committed to supporting you as you learn and decide whether falconry based bird control is right for you. We offer FREE assessments. Here are some articles regarding the efficacy of falconry based bird abatement and its use in different settings. It is clear to see that regardless of where the services are needed, falconry based bird abatement has consistently effective results. We highly recommend reading 'Pest Bird Abatement Using Falconry - The Client Guide' by C.Shelton.

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