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Falconry Course

Falconry Course
Introduction to Falconry
Introduction to Falconry Course

This one week course is perfect for someone looking to get started in the sport of falconry, or for someone newly licensed looking to learn more and observe different techniques. Learn all the basics to get your foot in the door, gain confidence handling various bird of prey species, and get out into the field to hunt small game.

Some of the topics covered include; daily routine, handling, manning & training, field craft (hunting), lure swinging, equipment making, tracking a lost bird, biology, healthcare & diseases, raptor body language, the physical exam, regulations, wild capture techniques, fitness regimes, natural history and more.

Participants of this course will be offered 30% off on all bird sales. We encourage new falconers to first trap and train a wild bird for a season prior to purchasing a captive bred bird in order to get the ultimate educational experience.

2022 Schedule

Sunday September 25th to Saturday October 1st
9am to 2pm every day

***This is NOT a sponsorship/apprenticeship program. To learn more about ONTARIO FALCONRY APPRENTICESHIPS go to THIS PAGE ***
Taking this course may potentially lead to sponsorship.
Participants MUST possess their small game hunting license to participate on hunts. (PAL not required.)

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